13 wrz 2019

Scrapiniec Magical Houses with Brand Ambassador Aleksandra

Hello dear Scrapiniec friends and fans,

I'm sure all of you probably experienced how sometimes "Life happens" and it takes the complitely other way than we have planned. So it happened to me too. I was experiencing some serious health issues over the past few months, which almost enabled me to work and create. So I did took some time off to recover and restore myself and my healt. I missed my creative hours but the rest and the break were much needed at this point in my life. I'm finally well again and so happy to be able to create again, spend long hours again in my studio and I'm happy that I can share some projects with you. 

I love to play with gorgeous ranges of off-the-page chipboards from Scrapiniec. This is my gorgeous little Royal Hut that I recently turned into a tree house... or rather a spool house since it is sitting on a spool. :) 

However this was not my very first spool house. I made one a year ago and it happened to be one of my favourites ever with its magical fairy touch.

 There is yet another gorgeous house that I made with a magical fairy touch, but this time didn't use the Royal hut. I just altered a wooden home decor bird house and turned it into a Fairyland with gorgeous Blueberry Fairy chipboard collection.

I hope you enjoyed my Fairyland houses. 

My very first ever Scrapiniec house was made quite some years ago and it was a Spring Royal Terrace in full bloom. I wonder if some of you still remember it?

And it was soon followed by a winter one. I'm allready looking forward to making some new winter projects soon again. The season will be soon near.

And of course I couldn't avoid making one Big Royal Hut dressed in some winter colors either. This was one of my very special ones too.

Although... it is still Autumn, so for the end of the post let me share yet another Big Royal Hut that was dressed in gorgeous Autumn colors.

I'm already playing with some new Scrapiniec off-the-page projects and I can't wait to share them with you all. Until then stay safe and enjoy your almost Autumn days. 

Hugs, Aleksandra

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